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Non-Invasive Body Toning & Sculpting


Body Toning & Sculpting

Weight Loss, fat reduction and body contouring and strengthening may be the most sought after goal in America and there are many ways to achieve it. Diet Centers,
Plastic Surgeons, Gyms and Spas, all have a role in attacking the problems. There are as many ways to get rid of the fat as there are to creating them.
Technology has provided us with many methods to break down fat cells, contour and re-shape the body through different functions.  It seems that no one process can completely perform the task quickly and effectively.
Ultimate Body Spa have taken 5 proven technologies and combined them into one of the most innovative, effective and non-invasive programs available today.
These treatments can be performed on all skin types and body areas. You can return to normal activity immediately after treatment.

Microcav Treatment  (NEW)

"Experience 3 Services In One" - $225.00
-Lipo Laser Technology
-Cavitation Technology
-Radio Frequency Technology (Skin Tightening) or
-Microcurrent Treatment   

Results and Benefits:
1. Inch Reduction, 2. Cellulite Reduction, 3. Radio Frequency (Skin Tightening),
4. Buttock Enhancement, 5. Muscle Toning, 6. Body Sculpting

Cavitation Technology:
Remove fat, cellulite and shape your body. A non-surgical approach with immediate results.

Cavitation Technology:

Remove fat, cellulite and shape your body.  A non-surgical approach with immediate results.

RF Treatment Process

Lipo Laser Technology:

The latest in laser lipolysis to achieve inch loss and body contouring with no pain. Laser energy breaks down the fat cells, allowing your body to dospose of the fatty acid and glycerol contained within the fat cells. No needles and no down time.   
Per Treatment: $89.00

Microcurrent - Ultimate Body Toning and Sculpting

By gently stimulating the muscles in their specific problem areas, we are able to shrink your remaining fat cells and strengthen and tighten the underlying muscles. The equipment was called the "Miracle Machine" by Vogue Magazine. Lose inches in minutes.
Per Treatment: $89.00

Before and After Treatment

Before and After

Before and After Cellulite

Radio Frequency

Generates new collagen and elastin in wrinkles and depressions caused by aging. The overall results are tighter, brighter skin and a significant reduction of sagging skin and wrinkles after the first session.
Per Treatment: $89.00

Vacuum Therapy

By using different cups size and powerful suction, this therapy breaks down the fatty cells from the tissue and releases the fatty acids. Vacuum therapy can also be used to sculpt body areas like hips, legs and adbomen. In addition, it features a special cup design for buttock lifting and firming.
Per Treatment: $89.00

Remodeling My Body

The Ultimate body toning and sculpting followed by the Red LED Light Bed.

Lets Tone and Sweat

After toning and sculpting on our Miracle Machine, spend 20 minutes in our Infrared Sauna, break a sweat and burn some more calories.

Buttock Lifting

After Lifting and Toning the butt on our Miracle Machine, spend 20 minutes in our Red LED Light Bed.

Full Body Scrub

This perfect body treatment begins with your choice of infused essential oils. The natural blend of oils and salt are absorbed into the skin, delivering deep hydration and relaxation.

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