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Now Offering Massages - Massage Therapist with over 25 yrs. exp. $65.00 for 1 Hr.

One of the most advanced and Innovative Non-Invasive Program for Face and Body Toning and Sculpting in Florida

"See Immediate Results"

At the ultimate body spa, we believe in using the human body's natural powers to help produce those positive changes we all want. Tighter and healthier skin, slimmer and stronger body, fewer wrinkles and more defined neck, jaw line, and cheekbones. Sometimes, a catalyst is all that is needed to begin the process. As we age our bodies tend to produce fewer of the necessary substances that create that youthful appearance. Stimulating and reawakening the body's functions to produce more of these components are our specialty.

Our facial protocols are designed to produce almost the same result as a face lift without the pain and expense.  From Micro Needling, Microcurrent, Radio Frequency come results based on your body's own regenerative power. We can soften and smooth your skin, tighten your facial structure, remove the sags from your cheeks, chin and jaw line while bringing that youthful glow back to your skin. All of this is done without a scalpel and injectables.

By introducing some of the same protocols to your body, we are able to break down fat cells, tighten the skin and increase muscle tone while contouring those areas of your body most in need. We can focus on specific body parts.

With our mineral body wrap we can detoxify, redefine and contour your body. As the toxicity level drops, your body finds it easier to function properly. Many times by just reducing your toxicity level you have an increase in energy and a reduction in weight.

When you visit Ultimate Body Spa, you will consult with one of our professional, attentive, licensed aestheticians who will conduct an in depth evaluation and develop the appropriate course of treatment. By using some of our highly sophisticated techniques we begin the rejuvenation process. You will see immediate results, and our techniques are progressive. The more often they're done, the better the results!

The best thing about our process is that it takes very little effort on your part.  All you need to  do is to show up and our very caring and professional staff will take care of the rest.

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Hours of Operation:
Tuesday - Saturday, 10:00 a.m. – 6.30 p.m.

"Member of the Coral Springs and Coconut Creek Chambers of Commerce"

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4400 W Sample Road, Suite 120 Coconut Creek, FL 33073